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Plan ConsultingSustainable Plan Consulting

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a plan Watts Building Company can help you incorporate the sustainable features that are appropriate to your budget and life-style.

The three most important parts of building a home are the budget, site selection, and the plan development. Careful integration of the owners needs, the site potential and the budget will result in a high quality plan that turns good ideas into an achievable reality. Our focus is on energy efficiency, maximizing indoor environmental quality, and the use of sustainable materials where appropriate.

With plenty of actual cost information from recent projects in our database we can quickly work up real time budget data to apply to your proposed building plan. We also have a network of professional designers and engineers that, over the years, we have developed successful relationships with.  Our team can be put at your disposal or we can work with your designer/architect if you prefer. The completion of a good plan that’s ready to build depends on a cooperative approach with the professionals best suited to the scope of the job and the owners particular needs along with constant review of the budget implications at every step of the way.

Custom Home Construction

 We see energy efficiency as the single most important aspect of “green” building and the area where a reasonable return on investment can most easily be realized. Tax credits and cash incentives for energy efficiency upgrades are available through the Energy Trust of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Energy.  In this day and age building energy efficient homes is just plain common sense it’s good for the environment and saves the homeowner, over the long run, lots of money.Custom Green Home Construction

Environmentally friendly material selection is also important but not to the degree that good building orientation, a high performance envelope and energy efficient heating, ventilating and lighting systems are. We strive to maximize indoor environmental quality throughout the process so that the end result is a home that is comfortable and healthy to live in.  

Our long experience in successful high quality speculative building as well as custom building gives us an intimate understanding of the art of staying on budget and getting the most quality out of every dollar spent.

Residential Real Estate DevelopmentResidential Real Estate Development

Along with building custom homes Watts Building Company has been successfully buying, developing and selling residential Real Estate in Hood River for over 20 years. From time to time, depending on market conditions and land availability, we have new homes available for sale.

If you own investment property we can aid you in determining the feasibility of doing residential development. By applying our planning, permitting, building, and real estate experience to examine the potential uses and development options for a particular parcel, the most appropriate development possibilities can be identified. Looking then at market need, building costs, potential sale price or cash flow along with the owners financial goals the best scenario can be envisioned. If development is warranted Watts Building Company can provide complete planning, budget and construction services.

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